Water Distiller, A Best Way To Purify Water

How Pure Water Can Improve The Quality of Your Life

Water distiller created as an answer to the problem of water that has always been an essential need for every human being.We can not always rely on the city water system, because we never know how good is the water that we consume every day, and water pollution occurs everywhere. Problems arise when the water quality in your neighborhood are inadequate or substandard. Some water problems can be caused by “hard” water (calcium and magnesium levels were too high in the water), hazardous chemicals, high levels of chlorine, cyst or pathogenic bacteria, and other contaminants. Did you know that bottled mineral water purity is sometimes not guaranteed in purity? Various things can reduce the levels of purity ranging from the production process to distribution. Water distiller make sure the water you have is healthy for you to drink, and you can do the purifyng process at your own home easily. Some manufacturer even claims that its product is superior to the reverse osmosis system.

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Water Impurities

Several organic and inorganic chemicals contained in water for example are fluoride, pesticides, hard water carbonates, solvents, sodium, asbestos, iron, mercury, arsenic, insecticides, and phosphorus. Water sources near industrial areas can be contaminated with radio active like plutonium, and also contain biological contaminants such as cysts or chlamydia, and an various viruses or bacteria. In certain levels, impure water can causes various diseases or allergies. Because the symptoms of the disease that can be caused by water impurities are not directly visible instantly, many people do not feel the bad effects in a short period of time. Inorganic deposits can take many years to start to show the bad effects. A way out of all these problems is water purification. For that we need a water distiller. It can provide cleaner water for all your household and especially for drinking.

 One element that is difficult to remove and is present in tap water is chlorine. Chlorine is necessary to prevent the transmission of disease through water, and can kill germs and parasites that are present in the water, but chlorine can cause adverse effects if absorbed through the skin, such as for shower, or when you drink it. It can create free radicals and oxysterol. Free radicals are known to cause decline in immunity and lead to various diseases such as cancer. Oxysterols actually has a function to protect the body on an average level. But at high levels it can harm the arteries and cause cancer and other diseases. The combination of chlorine and various impurities in water can create chloramines. One among many bad effects of chloramines is miscarriage in pregnant women. Chlorine also can worsen the condition of patients with skin diseases such as dermatitis or eczema. Thus, it is better to remove the chlorine from the water, and a water distiller is able to do so.

How A Water Distiller Works

The process of distillation or purification of water is actually one among many methods of water filtration, as an effort to improve water quality. There are many water filters that do not use the distillation process, and only acts as a water filter alone. Water distillation is capable to removes chemicals and organic impurities from the water up to 99%, also eliminate harmful substances such as chlorine, arsenic, mercury, and sodium excess. Thus water distiller is a superior alternative in a water filtration system. Basically the process inside a water distillation is to convert water into steam or vapor, which is then condensed back into water. Water is boiled gently in the boiling chamber  to eliminate bacteria and viruses and leave the contaminants behind and then cooled by the stainless steel condensing coils, so that the steam revert back into water. All organic, inorganic impurities and hazardous chemicals are leaving behind at the end of the process. Pure water will taste better, and almost has no smell at all, and certainly healthier to consume.

Portable water distiller is now widely used in households, because it is simple and does not require connection to the plumbing system. The shape resembles a water container or water jug, allows users to operate in ease. You just fill it with water, press the button, and pure water was produced according to the capacity. With this, you get pure water for consumption so you do not have to buy bottled drinking water anymore. Other models that often have a greater production capacity is countertop water distiller. As the name implies, this tool is to be placed under sinks, desks or counters, but can be moved around with ease. It is generally made of stainless steel with a sturdy construction. The purified water is not only used for drink, but can also be used for processes such as photo processing, the manufacture of colloidal silver, iron, watering plants, battery manufacturing process, autoclave in dental offices, scientific research, as well as a humidifier. Make sure the model you buy has a good drainage system to remove all residues that left. A water distiller can be used in a camper by utilizing resources like electricity generators.

Price Versus Water Quality

At first the price of a water distiller seems quite expensive and certainly need maintenance cost. For some people this is a dilemma between the need for a pure and healthy water versus cost. But think about this, you are investing on your health. By having a water filter, you do not need to spend money to buy bottled mineral water, and of course this is a big savings in long term. You know that the price of a bottled water can be more expensive than petrol. If you decided to buy a water distiller, you should consider various factors, such as the lifetime or durability and a long warranty period. Three-year warranty is certainly better than a one-year warranty. Do not buy a water distiller only because of considerations of the low price, but consider that it is more durable the good is, it would become a greater investment for your money and it will be cheaper for you in long run. Another cost that you spend of course is the cost of electricity. Read each of the data consumption of electrical power required by a water distiller before you buy it. Electrical power required course proportionally to the production capacity of the distiller to produce pure water in every hour. Adjust the water distiller capacity for your needs. However, it is clear that a home water distiller will consume less electricity compared to an industrial water distiller. In many parts the world, there are night hours, where the cost of electricity will be cheaper than during the day. A home water distiller generally require charcoal pack that must be replaced periodically. The price of a pack of charcoal or carbon is not expensive, only about $ 1 – $ 2 each.